1. Conduct Certificates/C.L.C:

    Application for conduct certificates / College Leaving Certificate or any other certificate should be submitted three days before the date on which the certificates are wanted by the applicant. No Dues Certificate in the prescribed form from different sections in the college should acompany the application for C.L.C.

    However, in exceptional cases, a duplicate C.L.C. may be issued on payment of the evidence, inclusive of an affidavit produced by the applicant to the effect that the original is lost and not used for admission elsewhere.

  2. Identity Card:

    Every student shall be provided with photo identity card duly attested by the Principal. The holder of the card must keep it with him/her during the college hour, examinations and all college functions. The holder is required to produce the card whenever demanded. The college shall not be responsible for any misuse of the card. A duplicate card can be issued on satisfactory explanation for the loss or damage on payment of the prescribed fee.

  3. Uniform Dress Code:

    As per Govt. letter No. 31762 / Dt. 27.09.05 Uniform Dress Code has been implemente for students of all classes from 21.12.05.

Class Colour of the Uniform
+2 Pant – Blue Black, Shirt – Light Purple
+3 & P.G. Pant – Coffee, Shirt – Light Orange