About the Department

The Department of Mathematics, Government (Autonomous) College, Angul offers B.Sc and B.A. Programme. Aim of the Department is to impart high quality education in Mathematics to the undergraduate students for helping them to solve challenging problems by using mathematical theories and models. Along with the teaching responsibilities, the faculty members are actively involved in research and other curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.

Programme Offered Strength
B.Sc. Mathematics 38
B.A. Mathematics 08
M.Sc. Mathematics 16

Name  :   Dr. Smita Tapaswini

Designation  :   Assistant Professor (I) (Head of the Department)

Qualification  :   B.Ed, Ph.D.

Area of Interest   :    Fuzzy Differential Equations, Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations and Numerical Methods

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Name  :   Mr. Sandip Rout

Designation  :   Assistant Professor (I)

Qualification  :   MSc, Ph.D (Cont.)

Area of Interest   :     DIfferential Equations, Time Scales Analysis

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Name  :   Nibedita Mohapatra

Designation  :   Assistant Professor (I)

Qualification  :   MSc

Area of Interest   :    Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Topology, Functional Analysis

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Name  :   Dr. Pravash Jena

Designation  :   Assistant Professor (I)

Qualification  :   MSc, PhD

Area of Interest   :    Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Inference

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Name  :   Dr.Dushmanta Mallick

Designation  :   

Qualification  :   MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Area of Interest   :    Optimization Problems, Artifitial Neural Network, Numerical Analysis

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