Rovers and Rangers are the senior wing of Scouting and Guiding. Rovering/Rangering was started by founder of the scouting movement Lord Powell in 1919. Any regular student of College/ University between the age group of 16-25 years can be enlisted as Rover (Boy)/ Ranger (Girl). A unit consists of 24 Rovers called Rover crew and 24 Rangers called ranger team. Rovering/Rangering is a uniformed activity.


To serve the Nation and to create a better World.


Rovering/Rangering is an international voluntary non-political educational movement for youths. The purpose of the movement is to contribute towards the development of young people in achieving their full Physical, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual potential as an individual as well as responsible citizens and members of Local, National and International community, through several outdoor activities, social and community service campaigns.


Duty to God, Duty to others & Country, Duty to self.


Selfless Service to others.


  • Membership: A Rover crew is under the leadership of Rover Leader (Lecturer male) and Ranger team is under the leadership of ranger leader (Lecturer female) registered in college. Any regular student (boy) can join Rover crew and student (girl) can join Ranger Team. If member is exceeding 24 in a unit, a new (Rover Crew/Ranger Team) can be formed.
  • Qualification, Certificate and Badges: A Boy/Girl on completion of 16 years of age is eligible to be Rover/Ranger after three months of joining Crew/Team. He/she shall be known as Pravesh Rover/ Ranger. A “Pravesh Rover/Ranger” is eligible to become a “Praveen Rover/Ranger” and achieve certificate badge after qualifying through the concerned syllabus. This certificate has the weightage of a District level certificate.

    After completing one year, State Level certificate termed as “Nipun Rover/Ranger” is given to them and afterwards on completing one year a National Level Certificate “Rashtrapati Award” is given.

    After achieving Rashtrapati award- Rover/Rangers can continue in the unit for passing various proficiency badges up to 25 years of age as a regular student.

  • Camps: Rovering/Rangering provide various types of training related to the personality development like Leadership, Discipline, Social Service, Disaster Management, First Aid, Firefighting, Community Development Programme, Civil Defence and Environment Conservation etc. through camps at District/State/National Level.
  • Activities: Hiking & Trekking, Mountaineering and adventure camps are also organized regularly at State/National level. There are opportunities to participate in Inter National Programmes.
  • Competitions:
    1. State Level Inter college Rover/Ranger meet.
    2. National level Uprashtrapati Shield competition.
    3. National level Rover/Ranger meet.
    To participate in Various Camps expenditure is borne by the college funds. Expenditure at the National Level Camps is borne by Scout Guide National Association.