Those selected for Hostel admission will be informed of it in the intimation letter for College admission. They have to take admission into the Hostel by paying Rs. 1405.00 while taking admission in the College failing which they forfeit their claim for Hostel accommodation.

  1. The college provides accommodation for 400 students in three men's hostels and two women's hostels. The Principal appoints a superintendent to administer a hostel on his behalf.
  2. Students seeking admission to the college hostel shall have to apply for it when they submit application for admission to the college. No student shall be admitted to the hostel until he/she is admitted to the college. A certificate of good conduct from the head of the institution last attended should be attached to the application for admission to a hostel. Selection for hostel admission is made at the beginning of each session.
  3. Student of first year Higher Secondary, First & Second year degree and Part -1 P.G. classes should apply to the Principal at the end of the session (before the college closes for the summer) if they wish to retain their seats. This application shall not constitute a right but shall be duly considered and if rejected, those concerned shall be informed before the next session begins. Claims of fresh applicants may not be given priority over those who have already been in the hostel. However, the result of the college examination, conduct of the applicant, both in the college and the hostel will always be taken into account.
  4. On admission a boarder is required to pay seat rent from June and has to pay all the dues, viz, seat rent, water charges, common room charges and establishment charges for the session.
  5. Application for withdrawal from. the hostel should be made by the guardians. No boarder shall be permitted to leave the hostel without the permission of the Superintendent who shall ascertain that all hostel dues have been paid by the boarder before he leaves the college.