1. Students cannot enter the library room without the permission of the Librarian. They have to do all transactions at the Library counter only.
  2. Library cards will be issued to the students on production of their identity cards. Library books should be returned within 20 days from the date of issue.

    P.G. students can borrow 4 books each, 2nd and 3rd year Hons. Students 2 books & others 1 book.

  3. All the books should be returned within the period allowed failing which a late fine of Re. 1.00 (one) for delay for 10 days or fraction thereof per book would be levied.
  4. All requisition slips must be submitted to the Librarian before 3 P.M. on the day before the day of issue.
  5. Text books may not be issued to students.
  6. Ordinarily no book will be re-issued.
  7. Journals should not be taken home. They should be returned to the Librarian before the last period of the day, if they are issued. If a student fails to return the journal the same day a fine Re. 1.00 per day per journal or book as the case may be will be imposed on him till he returns it.
  8. It is a serious offence for a borrower to borrow in another’s name. The Librarian can go only by the actual name in the library card. Students are, therefore, advised to take great care of their library cards and to report to the librarian immediately if their cards are lost. A new card will be issued on payment of Re. 1/- only.