1. Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not leave the class during the lecture.
  2. Students should not make any noise inside the class rooms or on the college veranda while classes are being held. Students found disturbing the classes in any manner shall be liable to disciplinary action.
  3. Students must maintain silence near the Staff Common Room, Principal’s Office and College Office. They are prohibited from entering the Staff Common Room and Principal’s Office without permission.
  4. Students should stand in a queue while depositing their fees / applications / documents at the specified counter and should not enter the College Office.
  5. Tampering with the electrical or other installations of the college shall be viewed as serious offence.
  6. Scribbling, pasting placards / posters / other papers or otherwise disfiguring college walls, black boards, furniture etc. are strictly prohibited.
  7. Spitting on the walls, pillars and doors of the college and smoking inside the college campus are treated as offence.
  8. Bicycles should be padlocked and kept in the cycle shed. Parking of cycles and vehicles on the college corridors is strictly forbidden.
  9. When a college team goes out of town, students accompanying it must obtain written permission from the Principal. In case of a boarder prior permission from the Hostel Superintendent should be obtained.
  10. Students must not hold any function inside the college campus without the permission of Principal. No private club or society can be formed in the college.
  11. Students, even if they privately subscribe to different ideologies / affiliations, cannot associate the college with the same in any manner.
  12. No outsider should be invited to deliver lectures in college premises without the prior permission of the Principal. All invitations for such lectures should be made by the Principal.
  13. Students should not resort to any act of violence by way of protest against any difficulty faced by them. Such difficulty or grievance should first brought to the notice of the Proctor con- cerned or Professor-in-charge and through him/her to the Principal, if necessary.
  14. Misbehaviour by students during games/sports/any other function shall be seriously dealt with. Disobedience or misbehaviour by a student with any member of the staff of the college at any time will make him/her liable to expulsion from the college.
  15. Students found eve-teasing will be expelled from the college.
  16. Students indulging in ragging will be expelled from the College.