• The NCC ,Started in 1948, with 20,000 Cadets, Today is the largest uniformed youth organization in the world with more than 14.5lakhs Cadets, with Headquarters(HQs) at New Delhi, NCC ,at tri service organization, Today has 17 Sates Directorates,98 Groups HQs and 825 NCC Units from Army, Air Force and Naval wings.
  • Students from schools and colleges ,join NCC on Volunteer basis as junior Cadets for 2 years and as Senior Cadets for 3 years.
  • At the Culmination of Institutional and Camp training, Successful junior Cadets are awarded ‘A’ Certificate and Senior Cadets are awarded ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate.
  • Cadets in NCC are exposed to training on service Subjects, Social Service and Community development, Disaster management , Attachment training with Army/Air force/Navy Sports and Adventure Activities.
  • Core Values of NCC Include Sense of Patriotic Commitment, National Unity Values enshrined in the India Constitution, A healthy lifestyle, Self awareness and Values of Honesty, Truthfulness, perseverance and hard work etc..

  • Total Strength of Cadets is 60.
  • Senior Divisions are 40 Cdts and Senior Wings are 20 Cdts.

There are many achievements to list. Our Cadets have been awarded by camp commandant and also by the district administration.


  1. CATC–I at SIET , Dkl (2021)
    1. SUO Abhijit Maharana – Best in Drill
    2. Cdt Geetanali das – Best in Poster Making
  2. CATC-II at SIET , DKL (2021)
    1. Cdt Jyotiraditya prusty – Best in command and control
    2. Cdt Sagar sahu – 2nd in Drill
  3. ATC – I at SIET , DKL (2022)
    1. Cdt Ritika Das – 1st In debate , 1st in odishi dance , best In Anchoring
    2. cdt Dipanjali samal – Best in Command and control
    3. Cdt Lopamudra Gadnayak – best in poster msking , 2nd in sambalpuri dance
    4. Cdt Jyotiraditya Prusty – best Discipline Cadet
  4. ATC – 2 at SIET,DKL(2022)
    1. Manas kumar Nayak -1st position in song and painting


  1. Best platoon trophy - 15TH AUG 2018
  2. Best Platoon Trophy – 26TH JAN 2019
  3. Best Platoon Trophy - 15th AUG 2019
  4. Best Platoon Trophy – 26th JAN 2020
Cadets got job after joining NCC.
Sl No Name Service Department Year of Enrollment in Service Year of Enrollment in NCC
1 Amit Das Army Core
2 Chandan Pati Army artilary 2019 2017
3 Tanmaya Sahu Army Core 2018 2017
4 Rahul Gochhayat Army Para SF 2017 2015
5 Rajesh Kumar Tripathy IRB 2020 2015
6 Suklal Balamuch Police OSAP 2018 2015
7 Chinmaya Nayak BSF 2020 2018
8 Biswajit Pal IRB 2018 2015
9 Satyajit Pal IRB 2018 2015
10 Manas Beers CISF 2020
11 Asit Sahu CISF 2020 2014
12 Deepak Sahoo Army Core 2018 2013
13 Swrnadish Sahu AIR-FORCE X GROUP 2020 2019
14 Siban Sahu OP 2011
15 Sukul Marandi Army 2019
16 Kajal pradhan OP 2013
17 Jagdish Nath OP SI
18 Sagar Bhutia CISF 2021 2016

NCC 'C' certification offers you 10–15 bonus marks in paramilitary forces recruitment i.e. BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB etc. If you have NCC 'C' certificates then your written exam will be waived off for the post of Soldier GD.

  • You get to attend the Annual Training camps and gain new experiences
  • You get to march at the Rajpath during the Republic Day event
  • If selected you get to attend the Para training camps
  • You can get chance to trek in various hill stations
  • Selected candidates get basic and advanced mountaineering courses
  • NCC Games: Cash awards to teams and individuals for excellence
  • There are youth exchange programs to give you International outreach

NCC ‘A’ certificate holders will be given 2% of the maximum marks of the examination as bonus marks.
Army Trades ‘A’ certificate
General Duty(GD) 05 marks
Soildier (Clk/Skt/Tech/NA) 05 marks
Tradesman (Tdn) 05 marks
NCC ‘B’ certificate holders will be given 3% of the maximum marks of the examination as bonus marks.
Army Trades ‘B’ certificate
General Duty(GD) 10 marks
Soildier (Clk/Skt/Tech/NA) 10 marks
Tradesman (Tdn) 10 marks
The NCC ‘C’ certificate holds immense value, it serves like a X factor in various fields related to career , we are giving you an account of all the benefits the certificate holds in the sub headings below, so you can see how good it is to be a NCC ‘C’ certificate holder.
Army Trades ‘C’ certificate
General Duty(GD) Exempted from CEE (No Exam)
Soildier (Clk/Skt/Tech/NA) 15 marks
Tradesman (Tdn) Exempted from CEE (No Exam)

In UPSC civil services examination it would not help you directly but you have fair chances of making an impression in the interview if you hold NCC ‘C’ Certificate as you will be different from others owing to the training you received in NCC.
UPSC conduct the CDS exam but having a C certificate allows you to appear directly for SSB interview and let’s not forget about the reservation for NCC cadets after clearing CDSE.

Many students attend the enrolment test but some of them are only found capable. CO(Commanding Officer) of 12(O) Batallion selects those Students who are fit both physically & mentally. After that, selected students submit their data in the NCC Office. After thorough verification, they are allowed to join. Selected student have come to the class, time provided by SUO(Senior Under Officer) of the NCC. Selected Students get their Regimental number from NCC and trained by physical training, Weapon training, Obstacles, Map reading, Firing and etc, .Also they will get a chance to attend camp where they can see many new places and a chance to know many thing about NCC.

  • All the students will join the N.C.C unit of their own will. No student can leave the activity during the two years under the normal circumstances. Any student leaving the activity after joining will be penalized.
  • All the cadets will honestly and faithfully serve the country and abide by the rules and regulations of the N.C.C. All will do to the best of their ability and attend all parades and camps as required by the C.O. from time to time. No claim on authorities for any compensation in the event of injury or death due to accidents during training camps, courses, traveling and during any other such N.C.C. events like RDC and IDC can be made.
  • Parents/guardians should be well informed before joining N.C.C. or attending any camps.
  • Membership in the welfare society and Nomination form will be valid only till such time; cadet remains in the division or wing of the N.C.C. to which he/she have been enrolled.
  • 75% of the attendance is mandatory. Students will have to report in N.C.C. uniform failing which they will not be allowed to attend the class.
  • If a cadet does not return the camp items within 5 days after returning from the camp, he/she will be charged fine Rs 10 per day on completion of the due period. The fund collected will be used for N.C.C. development
  • No cadet can keep any uniform item unless he continues the activity for consecutive two years. Otherwise he/she will attract fine on non- return of uniforms.