Those selected for Hostel admission will be informed of it in the intimation letter for College admission. They have to take admission into the Hostel by paying Rs. 1405.00 while taking admission in the College failing which they forfeit their claim for Hostel accommodation.

  1. Students living in Hostel shall be considered to be under the direct control of the college authorities not only during college hours but at all time during the session.
  2. The Hostel is closed during the Puja Holidays & the Summer Vacation. Boarders wishing to stay in the hostel during the vacation must obtain special permission from the Principal for it.
  3. The Superintendent shall fix the time for the daily activities of the boarder, like rising from bed, commencement and closure of study, dining and retiring to bed
  4. No boarder shall in any way interrupt others in their studies.
  5. No boarder shall be absent from the hostel during or after the night roll call (10 P.M.) without the prior permission of the Superintendent.
  6. Leave or permission for absence from the hostel must in all cases be obtained in advance from the superintendent. If a boarder overstays his leave, a written request should be made to the Superintendent by his/her parents or natural guardian.
  7. Boarders must, in all cases, obtain permission of the Principal before joining or taking part in any meeting or association outside the college.
  8. Only selected news paper approved by the Superintendent should be placed in the Hostel Common Room. Rules for the common room should be framed by the Superintendent. The Superintendent has the power of censoring any undesirable reading material brought to the hostel. The introduction of objectionable reading materials in the hostel will be regarded as a breach of discipline.
  9. Boarders are responsible for the maintenance of the furniture supplied to them and are to bear the cost of repair if any damage is caused.
  10. Absence from the hostel without leave, continuous negligence of study, want of cleanliness, spitting about the rooms and verandah, disfiguring of the walls, doors and windows of the building, tampering with or damaging hostel property will be treated as offence. Heavy penalty will be imposed or cost of the damage will be recovered from the boarder and action deemed fit will be taken by the Superintendent .
  11. Holding of any meeting in the hostel without the approval of the Superintendent, hunger strike for any purpose will be treated as an offence and the boarder will be punished.
  12. The use of intoxicants and tobacco in the hostel will be seriously viewed and if a boarder is found under the influence of alcoholic drinks or intoxicants, stringent action as deemed fit will be taken.
  13. Use of electrical appliance is not permitted in the hostel. A fine of Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) will be imposed on the boarder, if found using such appliances.
  14. Tuition fees and other college dues of boarders will not be accepted unless a certificate of clearance of all hostel dues is produced. The caution money will not be utilizing during the period of the boarder’s residence towards realization of his fees and fines. It may be utilized in full or part payment towards breakage when he/she leaves the hostel.
  15. It is mandatory for the boarder to take his meals in the hostel mess. Under no circumstances, a boarder will be allowed to take meals outside the hostel.
  16. When a boarder fails sick his/her sick-diet will be prepared in the mess and if necessary it may be brought from outside according to the instruction of the hostel medical officer. If the cost of such diet exceeds the cost of an ordinary meal, the extra cost will be realised from the boarder concerned.
  17. The hostel mess is managed by a manager and students’ representatives under the supervision of the Assistant Superintendent. The students’ representatives will be chosen by the boarders every month. A permanent mess committee consisting of one boarder representative from each year will look after the mess affairs. All decisions regarding mess affairs are subject to approval of the Superintendent.
  18. All outstanding mess dues shall be cleared by the tenth of the next month, failing which a fine of Rs. 5/- (Rupees Five only) per day shall be realized. He/She shall cease to be a boarder and his/her meal stopped from the 16th day of the month, if the mess charges including the fines are not paid.
  19. Ordinarily 50 (Fifty) compulsory meals will be charged to a boarder in a calendar month. A fine Re. 1/- (Rupee One only) will be collected towards each stopped meal. The following relaxation may be given to a boarder under the following situations:
    1. If a boarder is absent from the hostel for more than 15 (fifteen) days with the permission of the Superintendent, he will be charged Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) towards mess establishment in addition to the charge for the no. of meals consumed in the month and fine for stopped meals.
    2. Boarders appearing at +2 2nd Yr., +3 2nd Year and +3 3rd Year Exam. will be charged Rs. 60/- (Rupees Sixty only) if they leave the Hostel for preparation at home with prior permission of the Superintendent and advance payment of Rs. 60/- (Rupees Sixty only) per month up to the month of April of the current session.
  20. The Executive Committee of the hostel shall consist of not more than seven boarders elected by the boarders in a meeting & approved by the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall be the ex-officio President of the committee and the Assistant superintendent shall be the ex-officio Vice-President. The object of the committee is the promotion of social life of the boarders and in particular to provide and maintain common room facilities, to maintain the hostel library, to provide indoor games, to organise annual competitions in general knowledge and games etc. and to assist the Asst. Superintendent in the supervision of the mess.
  21. The Common Room fund shall be spent for purchasing news papers, periodicals, library books, indoor games articles, musical instruments, organizing competitions and ceremonies.
  22. The hostel Medical Officer visits the hostel periodically. The boarders should get themselves medically examined.
  23. Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against cooks or servants of the hostel. All complaints should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
  24. Boarders may be removed from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent of misconduct.
  25. The hostel shall one prefect for each wing appointed by the Superintendent. The prefect will assist the Superintendent in maintaining discipline in the hostel.
  26. Guardians or relatives of the boarders may visit the hostel with due notice to Superintendent. Friends of boarders may be permitted to visit them during visiting hours, not during any other hour. The father or legal guardian of boarder may be permitted to stay in the hostel for one night only provided his/her visit has reference to the interest or welfare of the boarder.
  27. A boarder may be expelled from the hostel for breach of any of the hostel rules.