MO Sarkar Initiative
Government Autonomous College, Angul

Taking forward its people centric 5T initiative, Odisha Government included the Department of Higher Education in the Mo Sarkar (My Government) programme. The basic objective of the programme is to provide good governance to the people under its 5T (teamwork, technology, transparency, time leading to transformation) initiative.

Mo Sarkar is a feedback-based governance model as part of which the CM, ministers and senior officials seek the feedback of people directly over phone about the kind of services they receive from various government offices. Based on their feedback, the state government takes the necessary steps to improve its service delivery system. The initiative is aimed at improving the faith of the people in the government. It is also supposed to bring about behavioural changes in government officials towards providing various services.

In the words of the hon’ble Chief Minister, “Mo Sarkar helps to make the administrative functioning participatory as the citizens have the scope to be a part of the governance system. Continuous efforts in this direction will help create an inclusive society.”

People visit our college on different works such as admission, issue of C.L.C, Migration Certificate, different other certificates and so on. Most of them visit the SAMS for different enquiries related to admission. We have a register in the Academic Section. Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of such visitors are recorded in the register. The information is periodically uploaded on the Mo Sarkar site. During the last four months, more than fifty new entries have been made.