Semester EXamination :

B.A. (Hons.) Compulsory - English M.I.L. (Oriya) / Alt. Eng. / Hindi) I.S.C. CA, ES

A candidate in B.A. (Hons.) shall offer a Honours subject carrying 800 marks and two elective subjects besides compulsory subjects. Each elective subject shall consist of two papers each carrying 100 mark. Subject with practical component shall have 80% theory and 20% practical.

B.Sc. (HONS) : 

A B.Sc. (Hons) student shall choose an Honours subject carrying 800 marks, one pass subject carrying 400 marks, one major elective of 200 marks consisting of two papers (each 100 marks) and one minor elective carrying 100 marks besides compulsory papers carrying 300 marks. Subject(s) with practical shall carry 80% theory and 20% practical. Elective papers shall not carry any practical components.

course structure (Science-Hons.)

Students offering Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as honours subjets shall not be allowed to offer corresponding subject as a major elective paper.

Possible Combination :
HonoursPassMajor Elective
Comp. Sc.MathematicsPhysics
B.A. Honours : course structure (arts Hons.) 2011 batch Semester - I
EnglishP-I100 (80+20)
Hons.P-I100 (80+20)
ElectiveA-I100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - II
MIL100 (80+20)
Hons.P-II100 (80+20)
ElectiveA-II100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - III
EnglishP-II100 (80+20)
Hons.P-III100 (80+20)
ElectiveB-I100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - IV
MIL100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IV100 (80+20)
ElectiveB-II100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - V
ES & CA50 (40+10)& 50 (40+10)
Hons.P-V100 (80+20)
Hons.P-VI100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - VI
IISC100 (80+20)
Hons.P-VII100 (80+20)
Hons.P-VIII100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
B.SC. Honours : couse structure (science Hons.) 2011 batch Semester - I
English50 (40+10)
MIL50 (40+10)
Hons.Th-P-I80 (60+20)
PassTh-P-I80 (60+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - II
Hons.Th-P-II80 (60+20)
PassTh-P-II80 (60+20)
Major ElectiveP-I100
Grand Total300
Semester - III
Hons.Th-P-III80 (60+20)
PassTh-P-III80 (60+20)
Major ElectiveP-II100
Grand Total300
Semester - IV
Hons.Th-P-IV80 (60+20)
PassTh-P-IV80 (60+20)
ES50 (40+10)
IT50 (40+10)
Grand Total300
Semester - V
Hons.Th-P-V80 (60+20)
Hons.Th--VI80 (60+20)
Minor ElectiveP-VI80 (60+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - VI
ISC100 (80+20)
Hons.Th-P-VII80 (60+20)
Hons.Th-P-VIII80 (60+20)
Hons.(seminar & Project)Pr-P-VI40
*Seminar(100 Pract. Math)Grand Total300
B.COM. (Honours) : couse structure (Commerce Hons.) 2011 batch Semester - I
CENG.100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IFA100 (80+20)
PassB-IBM100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - II
BECO100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IIBRF100 (80+20)
PassP-IIFE100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Semester - III
Hons.P-III BS100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IVMA100 (80+20)
PassP-III B.Env.100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Hons.V-F.M.T.: (Act Hons.)100 (80+20)
Hons.M.M.T. : (Mgt. Hons.)100 (80+20)
PassIV-C.S.A.100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
ES & CA50 (40+10)&50 (40+10)
Hons.P-VII (PBM)100 (80+20)
Hons.Paper-VIII FSAR (Act. Hons.)100 (80+20)
Hons.P-VIII HRM (Mgt. Hons.))100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
ISC100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IX CRA (Act Hons.)100 (80+20)
Hons.P-IX BAM (Mgt. Hons.)100 (80+20)
Hons.P-X - AUDT (Act Hons.)100 (80+20)
Hons.P-X - PM (Mgt. Hons.)100 (80+20)
Grand Total300
Parenthesis in the table indicates marks for term end evaluation and internal assessment :
  • Elective subjects shall not carry any practical component.
    1. Self FinancinG course :
      B.Sc. Computer Science (Honours) 40 seats.
      1. The COurse fee of Rs. 10,000/- is to be collected per year from each student at the time of admission.
      2. Selection will be made either on marks obtained in +2 Science or through joint entrance Examination.
      3. Minimum mark is 40% in aggregate and 40% in either Math. or Physics for election of honours.
      4. Basis of selection is aggregate mark excluding 4th optional Physics mark or Math. mark whichever is higher.
      5. Student desiring ro discontinue the Course in the middle of the Course, will have to forfeit the amount aalready deposited in the College and in addition will have to deposit the course fees for the rest of the years before taking College Leaving Certificate.
    2. PUBLICATION OF RESULTS : The result of the three years B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Degree Examination and the classes to be awarded shall be determined on the basis of the combined result of all six semester taken together. Each Successful candidate at the Final Examination of the 3 years Degree Course shall receive a diploma in the prescribed form signed by the Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University.
      1. The course for Higher Secondary stage shall be of two years duration. At the end of the 1st year the council shall conduct the Terminal Examination on the course set for the 1st year class. And final examination will be conduct in the month of March every year.
      2. On completion of the course the distribution of marks and papers shall be as follows.
        Arts / Science /Commerce
        Compulsory 200
        Elective 400
        Each paper carries 100 marks.

      3. To pass a candidate must secure
        1. 30% of marks in each subject or group of subject excluding practical papers.
        2. 40% of marks in each practical paper.
      4. 35% in aggregate.
        1. 60% or above for 1st Division.
        2. 50% to 59% for 2nd Division.
        3. 30% to 49% for 3rd Division.
    4. COLLEGE EXAMINATION : The College shall conduct the following examinations for different classes on the dates that shall be notified by the Principal.
      1. Pretest Examination.
      2. (For second year of Higher secondary Classes.)
      3. First Terminal Examination.
      4. (For First year of Higher secondary classes.)
      5. Test Examination.
      6. (For Second year of Higher Secondary Classes)
      7. Annual Examination.
      8. (For first year of Higher Secondary Classes)
    Rules for Examinees :
    1. A student has to take all the examinations in order to earn his/ her progress certificate. A student who absents himself/ herself from the Annual/Test examination will be fined at the rate fixed unless, he/she applies to the Principal in writing with supporting evidence for exemption of fines.
    2. Students not appearing at the First Terminal and Annual examination shall not be promoted to the next higher class. Students not appearing at Pretest and Test examination shall not be sent up as per the regulation of the Council / University, Exceptional cases, however, shall be decided as would be deemed fit by the Principal. A student has to secure at last 20% marks in each subject to be eligible for being sent up for the final examination.
    3. A student found in possession of incriminating material or copying or using any other unfair means in order to gain any unfair advantage in the examination will be expelled from the examination hall and will be refused promotion which he/she otherwise might have earned, or he/she may be penalized in some other form deemed proper.