1. Admission Rules:

    1. Looking at these problems of Students & College authorities, it is proposed to introduce Student Academic Management System (SAMS) in a phased manner. SAMS has two components i.e. e-Admission & e-Administration.

      e-Admission: e-Admission aims to use Information Technology to process applications for admission which would reduce time & improve efficiency for the college functionaries who have been doing it manually. It would also make the admission process economical, efficient, hassle free & transparent for the students and their parents. The students/parents have to travel to only one of the colleges under e-Admission process to be able to get admission to any stream of any college of their choices.

      e-Administration: e-Administration aims to use the database of e-Admission in various academic & administrative activities like issue of identity card, collection of fees, section allocation, issue of admit cards, tabulation of internal examinations marks, submission of return of matriculates, preparation of long roll, etc. It will follow e-Admission in pilot phase colleges. In other colleges, students database will have to be created to make e-Administration possible.

    2. An applicant has to log in to the site and take a printout of the filled application form (both college copy and applicants copy). The college copy is to be submitted along with requisite option fees in any SAMS resource centre, with the xerox copies of Certificate and mark sheet within the specified date.
    3. In no circumstances applications on plain paper or xerox for admission will be accepted.
    4. The names of the selected candidates will be notified on the notice board and also available in the destination college. Selected candidates are called for admission on particular dates. Failure to turn up on the date or to produce the required documents in original shall amount to forfeiture of the seat. Extension of date of admission shall not ordinarily be allowed.
    5. All admissions are provisional. The Principal reserves the right to revoke any admission, if necessary. The decision of the Principal regarding admission shall be binding and final.
  2. Attendance:

    1. A candidate for examination/promotion has to attend 75% of the lectures in general and practical classes, taken separately, held during the year. CHSE/University Syndicate may grant condonation of shortage in attendance to the extent 15% on application with medical certificate.
    2. Attendance shall be counted from the date of commencement of classes in the subjects. The students may seek change of their optional subjects within two weeks from the last date of admission. The attendance of such students shall be counted for classes in the changed subjects from the date of such change.
  3. Practical Classes:

    Students are placed in different groups for the conduct of practical classes. As soon as the practical groups are formed, a student must find out to which group he/she has been assigned. If he/she does not find his/her name in any of the groups assigned for the practical classes, he/she should bring this to the notice of the Principal immediately.

  4. Proctorial Classes:

    Proctorial system has been introduced for developing personal relationship between students and teachers and for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. Under the system a batch of students is assigned to a Proctor to whom the students meet at a place and on the date previously fixed and put forth their difficulties. All applications for free studentship, financial aid, borrowing books from the Book- Bank or the Text Book library, examinations etc. should come through the proctor with his recommendations.